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3M 1860 N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask

$34.00 $27.90
The 3M Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Masks 1860 (standard) and 1860S (small) offer two sizes of the traditional molded style respirator. Respirators include a soft inner shell for greater comfort against the face and, because it’s fluid resistant, the 1860 Surgical Mask aids in reducing the potential exposure of the wearer to blood and other body fluids. Meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control. NIOSH-approved. The 3M™ 1860 Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. This product has a filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil (tested against a 0.3 micron particle -count median diameter- per 42 CFR 84.) The 3M 1860 Surgical Mask is fluid resistant, disposable and may be worn in surgery. The Surgical Mask can also fit a wide range of face sizes.

3M Earloop Procedure Face Mask 1820

$20.00 $16.00
The 3M ear loop procedure face mask 1820 is fluid-resistant, flat, and has pleats; can be worn for general patient care applications. They are hypo-allergenic and has a Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE) of 99%. These blue masks’ fluid-resistant properties help reduce the wearer to potential exposure to blood and other body fluids. Ear loops attach quickly and easily around the user’s ears. 50 masks per box.

3M Transpore Surgical Tape

$28.00 $23.65
Easy, straight, bi-directional tear allows clinician to tailor the tape width easily. Porous for breathability. Good adhesive to skin and tubing for secure placement. Transparent for easy monitoring.

BASICS Shoe Covers

$18.00 $16.00
The Halyard Health Footwear product line features innovative fabrics and styling to deliver the right amount of protection for the task.

Bouffant Caps In Blue

$20.00 $14.50
Product Code: HLY-69801-box SIZE Large (24’’): 100/box, 5 bxs/cs X-large (27’’): 100/box, 5 bxs/cs

Burton AIM-200 OR Surgical Light

*Version/Type: -Portable Floor Stand -Single Wall Mount -Single Ceiling Mount -Double Ceiling Mount *120V or 230V: -120V Model -230/240V Model

Burton APEX Surgical Light

$12,580.00 $10,000.00
*Mount Version: -8’ Single Ceiling Mount -10’ Single Ceiling Mount -8’ Double Ceiling Mount -10’ Double Ceiling Mount *Voltage: -120V Model -230/240V Model

Caregiver Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact

$300.00 $224.50
The Caregiver thermometer by Thermomedics Inc. is the world’s first non-contact device with TouchFree technology developed by the team that invented tympanic thermometry! THE CAREGIVER PROFESSIONAL is a clinical-grade infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact. It is designed for use in a wide variation of medical settings and can also deliver ambient/skin surface temperatures with the flick of a switch.

Cavicide1 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

$160.00 $118.98
CaviCide1 is Metrex’s next generation multi-purpose, non-bleach, low alcohol cleaner and disinfectant designed for everyday use. CaviCide1 has proven 1 minute efficacy against 26 pathogens. CaviCide1 is effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi in 1 minute, including TB, Norovirus, A. baumannii, HIV-1, HBV, HCV and many more.

Crosstex Isolator Plus N95 Face Mask Particulate Respirator

$60.00 $40.54
Crosstex Isolator Plus N95 Respirator, Model GPRN95 Respirator, Blue/ White, 28/bx. Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood 160mmHG. NIOSH approved as N95 Particulate Respirator. Meets guidelines for TB exposure control. Malleable nose and chin pieces. Inner and outer fluid resistance layers. PFE=99.9% 0.1 micron. BFE=99.9% 3.1 micron

Crosstex Procedure Earloop Mask

$17.00 $14.00
SecureFit masks have a patent pending design that creates a tight, custom fit for enhanced facial protection. Patent pending design creates a tight, custom fit for enhanced facial protection. Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid resistant inner layer.

Crosstex Surgical Mask Molded

Crosstex surgical molded face masks with splash repellant barrier and flared edge for added comfort with soft, flexible nosepiece. Perfect for or anyone who is at risk of being exposed to infected liquids or airborne bacteria.